Essence Refiner

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Essence Refiner
Essence refinery gui.png
Essence refinery gui.png






The essence refiner takes everyday items and using Arcane Ash, refines them into a pure representation of their parts, known as essences. The recipes for specific essences can be found under Items -> Essences. The essence refiner also requires Raw Essence to function. This can be obtained from a Light Nexus, where raw light essence makes the process quite a bit slower, but there is a chance you will either not consume some of the recipe ingredients, or could get a second essence. Neutral raw essence can also be obtained from a Neutral Nexus or a Mana Battery, which has no specific advantages or drawbacks. Finally, raw dark essence can be used from a Dark Nexus, which significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to refine the essence, but can cause the machine to build up Deficit. The spinning ring on the UI will shift from blue to purple as the refinement process progresses and eventually completes. A flashing red ring means there is insufficient power to continue, and the process has been paused.

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